Introducing Dimplex Connect - our first ceramic fan heater with revolutionary Wi-Fi technology!

No more coming home to a cold room! Your Dimplex Connect can be easily turned on, off and more through our

Forget coming home to a cold room, no more waiting around for your heater to keep you comfortable after a long day at work. All you need is a wireless network, a smartphone or tablet and a Dimplex Connect ceramic heater. Have ultimate control of your heater from wherever you are through the "CONNECT IT by Dimplex" app.

  • The CONNECT IT by Dimplex app is available for free through Google Play and iTunes, and is compatible with most Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

Simply set your desired temperature and turn on your Dimplex Connect (DHCER20WIFI) to warm up your room before coming home or arriving at the office.

You can also choose between 2 heat settings to speed things up. Need the heater to turn off after some time? Set a timer of up to 12 hours. Energy-conscious? Stay on top of it by seeing real time energy use or enabling the Eco mode to use less power as your room reaches the set temperature. Save precious energy and money from your phone!

The "CONNECT IT by Dimplex" app is available for free from both Google Play and iTunes stores, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and most Android devices. Pair your unit through an easy set up process and that's it!

  • Our revolutionary Wi-Fi technology allows you to sync one heater on multiple mobile devices, or sync multiple heaters onto one smartphone or tablet. You will have complete access for the entire household.

Our revolutionary Wi-Fi technology also has the incredible advantage of allowing you to sync one Dimplex Connect heater on multiple mobile devices, or sync multiple heaters onto one mobile / tablet. You will have complete access and control for the entire household heating at the palm of your hand.

Putting safety first, we have also equipped the DHCER20WIFI model with a tip over switch; so you never have to worry again of you have accidentally left your heater on, or it falls on its side while you're not home.

Experience the quality and comfort only Dimplex can bring to your home with this safe, wireless network enabled 2kW ceramic heater.