What is an Oil Free Eco Column Heater?

2 min read
Dimplex Oil Free Eco Column heaters look like a traditional oil heater, but with one major difference, they contain no oil!

How does it work?

The major advantage is that an Oil Free Eco Column heater uses less energy to heat. Oil Columns take longer to heat up as the elements must heat up oil inside which in turn heats the casing of the column which lastly then heats the air that travels over it.

On the other hand, Dimplex Oil Free Eco Columns have an element which directly heats the air. Cold air is drawn in from the bottom and heated as it rises out the top. The result is faster heat up. Independent lab tests show that a Dimplex 2kW Oil Free Eco Column will heat up 8 times faster than a 2kW Oil Column.

Family Friendly
Oil Free means you can rest easy with the thought that your heater isn't filled with a flammable substance, this makes it much more safe than an Oil Column. Dimplex Oil Free Eco Columns are also allergy friendly as they have no fan, which reduces dust and allergens stirring up. They come with multi-directional castors for portability and are lighter to move as they contain no oil. Additionally, they have a low surface making them safe for children.

Eco Friendly
Carrying no oil means lower transportation costs, more sustainable production, decreased energy usage and easier disposability and recycling.