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Start Summer right and keep cool with Dimplex

Start summer right and keep cool with Dimplex!

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to prepare for hotter days and uncomfortable nights, that is, if you don’t have an ideal cooling system in place! But what is the ideal cooling system? Unfortunately, not one style fits all! But at Dimplex, we’ve been innovating and pioneering new technologies for decades to bring you the best cooling options that are out there. We have a broad range of coolers to suit any need and any space. So let’s find the perfect way for you to beat the summer heat this season!

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Spring Cooling Blog Header DCAC30HC

Forget Spring Cleaning, it’s time to think about Spring Cooling!

We know the weather in Australia can be up and down and you might still be wrapped up in cosy clothing, but trust us when we say the heat is on! It’s a good time to start thinking about how you’ll stay cool this Spring and Summer. At Dimplex we’ve got you covered with a range of cooling options and with a heritage of nearly 70 years behind us, you can trust that we’ve continued to evolve, innovate and experiment with new technologies to continually bring you the best. If the past summers have left you feeling less than fresh, then our range of innovative and reliable cooling appliances are the answer.

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Tips and hacks for Spring Cleaning

Spring into a new season with some tips and hacks for Spring Cleaning

The start of a new week, a new month and especially a new season can bring huge temptations for big clearouts and a huge bout of spring cleaning to brighten up your life - even more so with more of us spending time at home! Whilst it might be tempting to jump straight in as soon as the moment takes you, with a bit of careful planning you can make a difference and transform your home to make it feel brighter, fresher and ready for Spring without too much effort. Not only can spring cleaning help minimise the spread of viruses and bacteria for a healthy immune system, but it can also boost your mood, especially if you’ve had a few days stuck indoors!

Air Treatment Environmental & Sustainable Style and Innovation
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Air circulators: For a healthy home in any season!

Air circulators: For a healthy home in any season!

Think air circulators are just for summer? Think again. These incredible tools are perfect for keeping your home feeling fresh and manageable all year round - yes, even in Winter! You can have total control of your comfort in any room with easy to use buttons and a lightweight finish to effortlessly move it from room to room. They’re cost-efficient due to their low wattage, easy to use and highly portable.

Air Treatment Environmental & Sustainable
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Benefits of electric heating

The benefits of electric heating: A Dimplex style for every person and every room

Here at Dimplex, we know there’s nothing quite like a fire. The comfort, the cosiness and the warmth all have the power to turn any room into a sanctuary of rest and relaxation. Of course, you can get all of these incredible benefits without committing to a real fireplace; in fact, we’d say electric heating is even better as you also don’t need a constant wood supply, there’s no fuss of cleaning the soot and dust and there’s none of the costs and building work that comes with flue and gas connections. Most of our products require little to no installation and have incredible flames and a warm glow in your living space from the flick of a switch.

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