• 360° Air Circulators

    WhirlTech Air Circulators work for any season, keeping the air in motion and making the entire room more comfortable to be in. Faster than traditional fans!

  • Dehumidifiers with Electronic Controls (GDDE models)

    Specifically designed for the Australian climate to perform even in very high humidity environments.

  • Evaporative Cooler (model DCEVP6)

    The DCEVP6 is the eco-friendly, healthy and cost effective solution to keep cool thanks to its design for the arid and dry areas of Australia.

  • Intellifan: Body Sensor Mode

    The Intellifan will automatically adjust its oscillation pattern to direct the wind as effectively as possible to people up to 2 metres away. Fully compatible with the Temperature Sensor mode.

  • Intellifan: Temperature Sensor Mode

    The Intellifan will automatically adjust the wind speed based on the current room temperature - the hotter it gets, the faster it goes. Fully compatible with the Temperature Sensor mode.

  • IQ Electric Storage Heaters

    Dimplex IQ is the most advanced electric space heater. It uses low-cost, off-peak energy to provide economical heating for your family.

  • Moorefield - Opti-myst 3D electric fireplace suite

    Use the atmosphere of the Opti-myst 3D effect independently of the heat.

  • Oakhurst - Opti-myst 3D electric stove

    A traditional style compact electric stove featuring the most realistic electric flame and smoke effect.

  • Opti-myst - Customer Reactions

    Everyone gets captivated by Opti-myst - the world's most realistic 3D electric flame and smoke effect.

  • Optimyst - The world's most realistic electric flame effect from Dimplex

    Flames and smoke that you can simply plug in. Use with or without heat for all-season ambience.
    No flues. No mess. No expensive installations.

  • Opti-myst Water-filling demonstration

    Watch this demonstration to learn how to refill the tank of your Opti-myst electric fire in a couple of short and simple steps.

  • Q-RAD Smart Radiators

    With adaptive room temperature control, draft sensor and IP24 splash proof rating. Simply set your target temperature and Q-RAD will adapt to meet your requirements while minimising running costs.

  • Revillusion Electric Fireplaces

    Clear, unobstructed views of lifelike flames in a firebrick surround capture the charm of a woodfire without any of the hassles.

  • Sacramento - Opti-myst 3D inset electric fire

    A contemporary stainless steel electric fire featuring the award winning Opti-myst flame and smoke effect.

  • Synergy 50-inch Wall Mounted Electric Fire

    Showcase your Synergy fireplace like a piece of art with the optional Cohesion Surround. The wall-mount surround makes a seamless addition to any modern space with its walnut finish and simple detail.