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Dimplex Heating & Cooling Solutions
Dimplex Electric Fires Brochure
Opti-myst: A portfolio of recent installations
Dimplex Electric Fires Tech Specs 2016
Dimplex Cooling Range Tech Specs 2016
The Professional Range: fires collection

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Dimplex Heating & Cooling Solutions (Click to download)

The 2017 Dimplex Heating & Cooling Brochure includes air conditioners, fans, and portable solutions to bring comfort to any home 

Dimplex Electric Fires Brochure (Click to download)

Opti-myst, A portfolio of recent installation (Click to download)

Dimplex Cooling Range Technical Specifications 2016 (Click to download)

Dimplex Air Conditioner Solutions (Click to download)

Dimplex Electric Fires Technical Specifications 2016 (Click to download)

The Professional Range, fires collection (Click to download)