The start of Spring means warmer weather and even more sun. How about harnessing its full power to heat your water for free?


If you're looking for a more efficient home energy, Photovoltaic (PV) technology could be the solution. The combination of our dry climate and latitude here in Australia, give it notable benefits and potential for solar energy production; true even for Victoria or Tasmania, where the weather tends to be colder all year round and there are less average sunlight hours compared to their northern neighbours.

Most of the mainland receives in excess of 4kWh per square metre per day of insolation during winter months, with the northernmost region exceeding 6kWh/day (Source: Wikipedia). It is already one of the world's top ten solar countries, so it is only reasonable wanting to get the most out of these advantages.

Solar power is a relatively recent phenomenon in the country, but it is already moving from a niche product into a source of environmentally-friendly and price-competitive energy for businesses and homes alike. Since 2000, the Australian Government has offered incentives for PV installations that are to Australian standards and by industry accredited installers (a list can be found on the Clean Energy Council website).

Though these incentives decrease as the solar industry grows, there are still many reasons to install and keep utilising PV arrays. How does it sound being able to provide your property with hot water for free? With Dimplex Free-E, it's just as good as it sounds!

An average existing solar installation converts the sun's energy into electricity. About 30% of this generated electricity is used to power appliances around the house... but up to an astounding 70% could be redirected back to the grid! And sadly, a similar amount from other microgeneration systems such as hydro or microwind is also sent back to the grid.

The Dimplex Free-E diverts as much as 97% of the PV-generated electricity into the immersion heater instead of sending it to the grid - truly heating your water for free, through surplus energy your array has already produced.

Best of all, the Free-E free hot water system works perfectly with existing solar installations, other energy generating technologies, and your current hot water tank. There is no need to change anything, except the "there's nothing new under the sun" paradigm.

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